Let us take a quick tour to understand the coordinator's dashboard which is full of informations.

Step 1: Click on the Dashboard icon. The Dashboard contains summary of multiple utilities like attendance, schedule, activities, assignments, evaluation, fee and Lernio usage as well.

Step 2: The Attendance icon holds the summary of the total present and absent strength along with the monthly average. It also provides the access to the coordinator to mark the attendance of each and every class in her wing, if required.

Step 3: Coordinator can view the schedule summary as given below. It displays the online classes and events scheduled for today and for the session.

Step 4: Coordinator can view the summary of activities which shows the total activities, likes, comments and shares of the current session, total pending activities, and goal setting for the number of activities to be published.

Step 5: Class wise number of activities published yesterday, today, total pending and total rejected count are displayed further.

Step 6: Teacher wise session summary displays the total number of activities, number of activities of last month and this month, average per day and average per student.

Step 7: Coordinator's view of the dashboard next contains the summary of the assignments like total number of assignments created so far like as number of holiday homework, online video class, quiz, notice, etc.

Also it contains the class wise list of assignments pending for evaluation along with the number of assignments due for today or due for tomorrow.

Step 8: Last but not the least the dashboard displays the summary regarding fee. It contains the number of students overdue for the fee payment, percentage of students who are punctual in fee payment, and the percentage of students paid fees online.

Step 9: Lastly coordinator can view the summary of the parents active on Lernio which includes total number of registered parents, number active today, number active since last 7 days, number of parents never logged-in this session, and number of students where no parent was active in last 7 days.

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