Lernio provides the feature of assignment evaluation which are submitted by the students through Lernio itself. The evaluation can be created of different types such as Score, Percentage, Grade, Rubric and Anecdotal. Following these easy steps, a teacher can easily perform the assignment evaluation:

Step 1: Click on Menu icon.

Step 2: Click on Assignments option.

Step 3: The list of assignments created by you will appear. Click the assignment which you want to evaluate.

Step 4: Click on Evaluate to view the list of students. Also the summary of assignment submission is visible at the bottom under the heads of Submitted, Not Submitted, Evaluated and Published.

Step 5: Click on the Attachment icon to view all the files submitted student wise. On the extreme right the number of files submitted by the student remains visible in front of student's name.

Step 6: Each file submitted by the student is visible here separately and can be clicked for full view. This tab helps us to perform the following two actions as well:

a) Teacher can download the assignments at any location.

b) Teacher can post these pics as an activity from here.

After performing your task click on Back arrow.

Step 7: Click on the student's name whose evaluation you have done from the list given below.

Step 8: Type in the anecdote of the given assignment and click on Done.

Step 9: At the bottom of the page three buttons become visible:

a) SAVE - To save the evaluation.

b) PUBLISH - Once the teacher clicks on Publish the evaluation response i.e. anecdote in this case will get notified to the tagged parents.

c) COMPLETE - On the due date of the assignment the assignment submission will be completed.

Step 10: After the teacher has published the assignment evaluation, there will be a tick mark in front of the child's name.

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