Dashboard is a distinguish feature of Lernio but most of the teachers find it difficult to understand. So here are some brief explanation about dashboard to make it simpler and easy to understand.

  1. Open Lernio app and click on the Dashboard icon to go to dashboard page.

2. Now on the top of the summary page you will get your profile, your name on the top followed by your designation, email id, and updated mobile number. At the bottom of your profile you will get four icons clicking on them you will be redirected to Attendance, Activities, Assignments and Fee section, where you can check the status of each of these heads directly.

3. Keep scrolling and you will reach to Attendance section. In this section you can mark every day's attendance and can also check average attendance of your class of the current month.

Schedule Summary shows classes scheduled for the day and online attendance percentage of current session.

4. In the next section you can check the Activities status. Here you can see total activities tagged, likes, comments and shares you did in the current session. Scroll down and you can check the number of activities pending.

After that you an check the number of activities published in the current week and in the current month, you can also set the target for uploading activities.

At the end of this section you will get a tabular presentation of your daily activity status and session summary.

5. Next is Assignments section where you can trace the total assignments uploaded in the current session. Assignment breakup is given in the form of a pie-chart. At the end of this section you can check the assignment status of the day.

6. At the end of the page you will get Fee section where you can trace the fee status of your class. Here you can check the number of students who have not paid the fee till the due date, next due date, what percentage of students have paid fee through Lernio and how many students have paid fee on time.

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