Dashboard is a distinguish feature of Lernio but most of the parents find it difficult to understand. So here are some brief explanation about dashboard to make it simpler and easy to understand.

  1. Open Lernio app and click on the "dashboard" icon to go to dashboard page.

2. Now on the top of the summary page you will get your ward's profile, display picture on the top followed by name, class and academic year.

3. After scrolling your ward's profile, you will reach to Attendance section. This section shows attendance progress of your ward for current month along with period-wise attendance.

4. In the next section you can check the Fee and Activities status. Here you can see fee status, next due and overdues. Activity chart shows total activities tagged, likes, comments and shares you did.

5. Next is Assignments section where you can trace the assignments received, assignments submitted, assignments due, holiday homework, tests, results, online video classes etc. You can also check number of assignments due and last day to submit it.

6. After that you will reach to Students Information section. Here you can check and edit your ward's personal information related to date of birth, address, blood group etc.

7. Now the last section is Parents information. Here again you can check and edit your personal information.

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