Parents can upload assignments of their ward with an ease just by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Open Lernio App

The first step is to sign up for the app. After that you have to click on the class of your ward.

Step 2: Click on Schedule Icon

Click on the Schedule Icon so that you can choose the assignment you want to submit.

Step 3: Click on the Due/Pending assignment

Next step is to search the assignments you want to submit. Click on the assignment due or pending.

Step 4: Click on submit

Next step is to submit assignment. Click on the Submit option available below the work assigned.

Step 5: Click on upload

Click on Upload. This step will let you attach files, photos or videos whatever your assignment is. Video size should not exceed 1 min or 100mb.

Step 6: Select upload location – camera or file

After clicking on upload, you need to select the upload location from three option – camera, files or gallery.

Step 7: Select a file – image/video/doc-PDF/DOCX/DOC

Attach the file you want to submit for your assignment simply by choosing it from your mobile gallery or files.

Step 8: Submit your assignment

After selecting your assignment, click on Submit icon for submission of your assignment.

Step 9: Submission confirmation

You will get confirmation message as “File uploads were successful”.

Step 10: Update your submissions

You can divide and upload a single assignment in breakups as well. This can be done by clicking on Update Submissions. This process can be done untill the due date. Example - You can upload images first and videos later by updating your submissions.

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