Teachers can schedule their daily online classes with an added advantage of marking period wise attendance.

Step 1: Click on the menu icon at the bottom right on homepage.

Step 2: Now click on the schedule icon.

Step 3: Enter the following details of the class scheduled.

  • Online class - Drop down list to select option for online class.

  • Date - The date on which class is scheduled.

  • Time - Select the time of the class.

  • Duration - Choose the duration of your class.

  • Select Subject - Choose your subject from the list.

  • Title - Mention the title of the class.

  • Grades - Select the class from the list of your classes. In case you want to upload the same link for more than one grade/section then you can tick the option of across the grades.

  • Location - Online

  • URL - Paste the link of your online meeting for the class.

  • Description - Write the description of your class in not more than 1000 characters Example - password for the class, special instructions or resources required for the class.

Step 4: Click on the create button.

Step 5: The class is now scheduled and children will be able to see its notification and they can join the class from there only. Similarly schedule other classes.

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