A teacher can do the following on Lernio:

Mark students attendance (on mobile)

  • A teacher assigned as a class teacher of a class/grade can mark attendance for that class/grade on the Lernio app using their smartphone.

  • When the attendance is saved, an alert notification automatically gets sent to the parent for all absent students.

Upload activity as photo or video (on mobile)

  • Parents usually miss the the wow moments of learning inside the classroom. Lernio provides a simple and effective way to share photos and videos from within the classroom privately with parents. 

  • Teachers can upload photos and videos on the Lernio mobile app using their smartphones and quickly tag the students in that photo / video. These tagged media gets forwarded to the coordinator for approval. Once approved, these media get pushed to only the parents of the students tagged.

  • Teachers can also access all the activities uploaded by them in the past.

Upload assignments and collect submissions

  • Teachers can add assignments and activities only for the classes/grades and subjects assigned to them.

View timeline (on mobile)

The teacher can see the same timeline as the parents of the grades/classes assigned to him/her. The teacher can see activities, calendar, upcoming events, alerts and school news.

Student list (on mobile)

The teacher can also access list of students in grades/classes assigned to them.

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