Mobile App Setup

Mobile App Setup is available to the school admin from the top menu.

Step 1: Home Banner

The home banner is an image with caption and a link, which gets displayed at the top of the Lernio timeline to parents as well as teachers. It cannot be missed.

This is useful to share festival greetings, special graphic/image announcements, important photographs or news item (with link of the complete news item).  

You can set the following:

  • The home banner image

  • Link URL (website, blog, youtube video)

  • Caption text, with font size and styling

  • Text Placement

  • A start and an end date for display of the banner. You can schedule banners for future dates.

You may schedule multiple home banners in advance. The optimum home banner width is 480 pixels. The height adjusts automatically in proportion.

Step 2: Website/Blog RSS Feed for NEWS tab on mobile app

If you have a school blog or website or any popular content management system where regular school news is published, you may use its RSS feed to import the same news items into the Lernio mobile timeline.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and is generally of the format or You can find out RSS feed URL of your blog/website from your school's web administrator. Read more about RSS.

Once the RSS URL is setup, whatever news items are published on your school/class website/blog, it automatically gets pushed to the parent as a beautiful post within the Lernio timeline.

Step 3: Set activity tags

Activity tags are tags that can be attached to each activity photo or video that is shared with parents. These activity tags can be learning or development attributes/areas or subjects areas or activity types.

You can create a category like development attributes and create a list of tags within it. You may create multiple tag categories with multiple tags.

Both category names and individual tags can be created by clicking the + symbol.
A sample category of development areas are already populated.

Step 4: Add calendar event types

You can define the various calendar event types and color code them. The color codes are used when displaying events within the app calendar or when upcoming event posts are displayed within the timeline. 

Simply set an event type name, select a color and click + to add it to the list. This types will be available when creating school events in the calendar section.

The school may add upto 3 custom links which appear within the app. These may be links to school rules or fee rules or any other content that the school wants to share.
These links appear within the menu drawer.

Step 6: Add Auto Alert Text

Currently Lernio supports only absentee auto alerts. Here you can define the text of the auto absentee alert. You may include the parameters {parentName} and {studentName} to auto add the names into the text so that each parent receives a custom alert. 

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