A coordinator can do three primary things through his/her web login.

  • View dashboard for classes/grades assigned to them (see screenshot below), similar to the school admin .

  • Approve activities uploaded by teachers, before they are published and seen by the students. The coordinator can also make minor edits or corrections to the uploaded activities.

  • View assignments uploaded by teachers.

Screenshot: Lernio Dashboard for Coordinator and School Admin 

Steps to create a Coordinator Account

Step 1: Coordinator section

The School Admin can create coordinator accounts. Start by going to the Coordinator section in the top menu.

Step 2: Click the  +  to add a new coordinator

Fill coordinator details in the pop-up form. The red asterix * denotes required fields.

Step 3: Assign classes/grades

A coordinator maybe assigned one ore many classes for monitoring. For example a primary school coordinator maybe be assigned all classes from first to fifth. You may select the complete class level or individual sections to be assigned.

A coordinator can access the dashboard and approve activities only for the classes/grades assigned to him/her.

Once completed, simply click Add to add the coordinator account to Lernio. Repeat the above steps to add more coordinator accounts.


  • One can even make a coordinator account for the head of the school by assigning him/her all the classes.

  • The coordinator can login to the web app from app.lernio.in

  • The coordinator will login using his/her email address and will receive a welcome email the moment the coordinator account is created.

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